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Information server for people in special needs

Online counceling for people in special needs

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              Welcome to the site of non profitable organisation Bez bariér (No Barriers), focused on exploring and mapping of accesible places in the Czech Republic. This web is especially dedicated to the people in special needs.

New year 2006 whish
   Dear friends a nd visitors of this website! We ahe this priviledge to whis you new year free from physical barriers and also free from those created by attitudes!!!  

Karlovy Vary Film Festival - No barriers
   We are pleased to introduce pararel project for handicapped people during Karlovy Vary International Film Festival from 2nd to 10th July. The attendants are welcome to four accesible screenns. All the other relevant informations can be seen at

For travellers from abroad
   Dear visitors of this web for disabled people. As we keep working on widening the english version we point out three cities to be available in english. Prague, Brno and Ostrava are the cities to be available also in englisch.  Karel Rysavy

We are holders of Blind friendly certificate for accessible web site. Ikona Blind Friendly Web a odkaz na tyto stránky

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Czech council for Disabled

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Vysočina BezBariér
Průvodce Českým Krumlovem i pro handicapované
Brno bez Bariér
Bezbariérová Olomouc

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